Contact Information

Carpe Diem Books
8136 N.W. Skyline Boulevard
Portland, OR 97229
Phone: 503-286-0700
Fax: 503-286-2584


When you have a book proposal you would like us to consider, please mail or e-mail your submission to the above address.

Manuscripts must be double spaced and paginated. We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal within one week, but allow up to six weeks for our evaluation and response. If mailing, include a self-addressed return envelope and postage if you would like your materials returned.

Submissions need to include the following information:


  • The "working" title
  • Description of the book in one sentence
  • One-page summary and a second page showing a chapter outline, table of contents, and/or editorial organization
  • Sample photos or illustrations if applicable/available (no originals)
  • Current status of the manuscript (partial? complete? word count?)


  • Author bio and credentials
  • Author's ability to meet deadlines
  • Author's promotional plan and commitment to the project


  • What the reader gains from the book
  • The book's handle (tie this to the subtitle, if there is one)
  • Book's importance and timeliness in today's market


  • Audience (be specific)
  • Target market
  • Size of the market


  • Type of book (destination? resource/guide? cover-to-cover read? etc.)
  • Category where one would find similar books in a bookstore
  • Similar or competing titles currently in the market


  • Promotional activities, websites, social networking, or other marketing items that apply to the project
  • Ease of publicizing the book (Suggest 3 ways)

Carpe Diem Books and prospective publisher(s) will evaluate the following:

  • How well the book is written and been thoroughly edited and corrected for grammar, fluency, etc.
  • The author's basis and credentials to write the book
  • How the book fits in with the publisher's list
  • Existing or potential pre-sale, special sale, corporate tie-in, or sponsor
  • Book's moneymaking ability
  • Publisher's passion and love for the book