Carpe Diem Books
is a full-service book development business and literary agency based in Portland, Oregon. We conceive and produce high-quality books for publishers and businesses, and represent authors and photographers in placing their works with trade publishing houses.

The foundation of Carpe Diem Books is strong customer relationships and the ability to orchestrate significant book projects with comprehensive integration of detailed editorial, design, production, publishing, and marketing elements. From initial concept to delivery of finished product, Carpe Diem Books is positioned to be distinctive and successful with:

• Conceptual development
• Market-driven, editorial excellence
• Innovative design
• Superior printing
• Collaborative partnerships
• Strong trade publisher and corporate relationships
• Creative and extensive marketing programs

Carpe Diem Books collaborates with a highly talented and experienced group of professionals, all well recognized and established in the book industry. The collective backgrounds of the individuals in the core team total over one hundred years in writing, editing, design, printing, bookbinding, publishing, marketing, and bookselling!

Founded in 1999, Carpe Diem Books works with top professional writers, photographers, editors, designers, and production personnel, and has relationships with approximately fifty publishers and numerous corporations nationwide and overseas.

Carpe Diem Books develops books and calendars in the following categories, with accentuation in the illustrated book market.

• Architecture
• Art
• Corporate anniversaries
• Cruise
• Cuisine
• Gardening
• Human interest / Lifestyles
• Nature / Wildlife / Natural history
• Sports
• Travel
• University commemoratives
• Branding/Theme

On the agency side of the business, both non-fiction and fiction works are represented. We evaluate manuscripts, contract for representation, present and promote polished submissions to best suited acquisition editors at major publishing houses, and negotiate author contracts with publishers.

Ross Eberman is the owner and president of Carpe Diem Books. He is responsible for the sales and marketing, and for orchestrating projects from concept through editorial development, design, and production to delivery of finished books.

Ross has a proven 40-year book management and marketing/sales background and established ties with national publishers. His previous positions include Book Buyer for Waldenbooks, Special Sales Manager at Little Brown (publisher), Director of Corporate Sales at Graphic Arts Center Publishing, and Director of Sales & Custom Publishing at Tehabi Books (book packager).