Conceptual development — Much time is carefully spent at the concept stage with thorough crafting from the “light bulb” phase to polishing for proposal presentation.
CDB = Concepts Demand Brainstorming with Commitment to Depth and Breadth!

Editorial excellence — Experienced, top-of-the-line editorial direction brings together the most suitable, leading photographers and authors. All projects are carefully matched with high levels of expertise, enabling the content to be effectively communicated for the customer to benefit.
• CDB = Carefully Directed Books!

Design innovation — Carpe Diem Books is committed to art direction at its best by the best. Creativity and vision stand out. The placement and flow of striking elements are beautifully woven together throughout.
• CDB = Creative Design is Bold!

Printing quality — Raising the bar and taking printing standards beyond the norm to exceed customer expectations, Carpe Diem Books excels in delivering unsurpassed production capabilities and results.
• CDB = Colorfully and Distinctively Better!

Custom Variations — Customers of Carpe Diem Books benefit with the full range of paper, print, and binding customizing options for special editions that maximize impact.
• CDB = Custom Deluxe Books!

Proven expertise — The collective background and leadership of the Carpe Diem Books team is based on over one hundred years of experience in writing, editing, design, printing, bookbinding, publishing, marketing, and bookselling.
• CDB = Century of Dedicated Bookpeople!

Collaborative partnering — Carpe Diem Books works closely as a creative team and with its book partners to ensure maximum results.
• CDB = Collaboration Delivers Big-time!

Sales penetration —Carpe Diem Books' sales programs are geared to bring added value and successful results.
• CDB = Customer's Distribution is Broad!

Market-driven editorial — Built into each Carpe Diem book is the combination of rich, resourceful content with a strategic marketing program to assure strong performance and success in the marketplace.
• CDB = Customer Deserves the Best!

• CDB = Company Does the Best by being Compelling, Discerning, and Bold!

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